About Us

About Us

Raise the voice of women who struggle to make their decisions  in the socio- economic  field and open the prospects for economic opportunities  for them.
Promoting Women's Economies  To develop communities  and advance sustainable development issues, we believe that women's economic empowerment  accelerates growth, improves the health and education of the community and increases gross domestic  product.

who we are

(Women and Economy - Sudan) a digital media platform for news and reports on the role of women in the economy in Sudan and the countries of the region.

The site provides excellent content and covers all activities and events that raise the role of women in the economy.

The website believes that the promotion of women's economies  plays a major role in the development of societies and gives development issues sustainability, accelerating  growth, improving the educational social and  health conditions  of the community and increasing employment   opportunities.

(Women and Economy - Sudan) People hear the voice of those who struggle for a living and raise the standard of living of their families ... The site glorifies those who strive for a better life for family and community  . They are the makers of glory.