Baker Hughes opens the doors of oil  investment for US companies  in sudan

The US Baker Hughes and the Ministry of Oil and Gas sudan,  have set how to invest, the second largest oil services company in the world field of exploration and oil  production in Sudan.

 Oil and gas minister Dr. Abdulrahman Othman said that Baker US company will open the doors of investment to other US companies across the Sudan. "The door of investment in oil and gas is open to all international companies,

The Baker Hughes delegation and officials of the Ministry of Oil  entered into the final arrangements for   oil investment in the field of upstream services and implementation  of gas and gas projects accompanying and cooperation in the field of spare parts and drilling fluids, as well as discussing the procedures of opening the company's office in Khartoum.

The company's officials are keen to implement the terms of the agreement it signed with the two companies, the ASWAR oil  and the National Company signed   in  Abu Dhabi Petroleum  conference  last year.

Baker Hughes is the world's biggest  energy services company  and was bought by US General Electric

General Electric is the second largest company in the world by Forbes, which operates in the fields of industry, technology and energy  

Baker Hughes is the world's largest oil rigs and is one of the world's oil price determinants along with other geopolitical factors.

Baker Hughes operates in the oil and natural gas sector in more than 80 countries and specializes in the exploration of oil and natural gas.

 With the entry of Baker Hughes to Sudan, it will be able to provide the best equipment, services and digital solutions  in the sector to cover all  operations in oil and gas sector.

 Baker Hughes will replace   Schlumberger  company that  left Sudan